Wood Anemone

Woodland flowers are a treat of spring, taking their moment in the sun when the tree canopies above are naked to flower, bringing colour to the woodland floor. Later in May Bluebells will take their turn, but for now it is the primrose and the delicate Wood Anemone that take centre stage.

I found both species this afternoon as I wandered through Plashes Wood, scattered close to the footpath, sprawled across a bank. Plantlife.org.uk tells me that Wood Anemone is slow to spread across the woodland floor (remarkably only six feet in a hundred years) and often indicates ancient woodland.

Elsewhere I found two gooseberry bushes, new season leaves bursting from spiky old wood branches with tiny fruit just showing, like fairy’s lanterns suspended below the stems. Wild native or feral cultivar are both possible, but thickets worthy of a few birds nests for sure.

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