Touchline Re-union

Familiar lanes stamped with memory
grooved into the sub-conscious
over many seasons.
Through the gate
park upon familiar mud
clubhouse, trees
whispering stories
moments of time
imprinted on place
resurrected by senses
light and season.

A wave, a smile
a shake of hands
a hug, a tease, a joke
twinkling eyes and laughter.
This place is comfortable
warm with love
and memories shared
that light the soul.

3-3 the score
points divided
on points of turning.
A long half
a goal conceded
did she touch the ball
or the girl
that save, that miss
that tackle, that pass
that decision.
Enough to spice
post-match tea.
More smiles
and stories recalled
the party starts to part.

A wave, a smile
a shake of hands
stay safe

until the next time.

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