The RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch – Jan 2011

The results from one hours birdwatching of the garden as part of the RSPB Big Garden BirdWatch this year were;

12 Blue Tits
1 Coal Tit
4 Great Tit
2 Robin
2 Wood Pigeon
4 Blackbirds
2 Chaffinch
1 Greater Spotted Woodpecker
1 Dunnock
2 Magpie
1 Sparrowhawk

The idea, for those not familiar, is to watch your garden for a single hour of your choosing sometime over the weekend and record the maximum number of birds from each species that visit at one time/simultaneously. The results are submitted to the RSPB website who compile them in what is purported to be the largest bird study in the world.
With so many blue tits in constant attendance, counting them can be quite difficult, but I’m not complaining. To see the honeysuckle canopy, from which our feeders hand, twitching with a flock of the little tits is always an engaging and entertaining site. The blackbirds were interesting in that none were entirely comfortable in each other’s company and that there was a male, female and 2 juveniles. The Robins too weren’t overly sociable with each other.
No sign of our Marsh Tit, the Long-tailed Tits that have been visiting recently, or any of the finches, Gold or Green. It was nice for the woodpecker and sparrowhawk to make an appearance in my allotted hour. That aside, the results, in terms of species and numbers are quite similar to 2010, with if anything a slight increase.


  1. Great Blog and cool pics – could use a few tips from you on stalking and photographing Deer.

  2. Many thanks.
    I'm no expert believe me but the basics of being upwind, quiet and camouflaged are important. In most instances I'm more likely to see deer at reasonably close distances if I'm static, watching an area for some-time and they come to me. If you get to know an area well, you will build up a pattern of where deer might be and when, so getting in position early and waiting can pay great dividends, though you may not necessarily see what you went to look for!
    For the rest, the car makes a great hide and a long lens is a great advantage in getting reasonable photographs.
    Thanks for dropping in.

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