The RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch – Jan 2010

I’ve blogged my results for this year’s RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch so I know where they are for comparison next! I can’t find my results from last year, but this year it felt the numbers and variety of sightings were a little lower. Living in a rural location with regularly stocked bird-feeders I always hope that our full list of Kitchen window sightings will turn up to be recorded but of course they never do. I did choose my moment to start my hour-long count, waiting for a good buzz of Blue tits to be in the garden but even so, I only saw a solitary female Chaffinch and the Goldfinch arrived right at the close of the hour when for the last few months both species are usually present in numbers. I’d also hoped they Grey Wagtail would make an appearance, or that the Wren or Lesser Spotted Woodpecker might drop by, but I was disappointed. 
Not to worry, I’m sure they will all be back visiting again soon and that the survey has ways of balancing these variations. All the same, my competitive nature (sans-football after my girls youth team’s game was cancelled this morning) wanted our little patch of Hertfordshire to record a good showing in the results!
1 Blackbird
2 Dunnock
9 Blue tits
3 Great tits
1 Coal tit
1 Marsh tit
2 Wood Pigeon
1 Chaffinch
1 Greenfinch
1 Goldfinch
Also interesting was following #BGBW trending on Twitter during the rest of the day and seeing other people’s results as they came through. Particular favourites were a picture and sighting by @placepot of a Goldcrest and @stani4th being able to record a treecreeper as part of the survey – a rare and special sighting at the best of times. Other blogs recording their birdwatching day include The Padded Envelope! who did a lot better than me!

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