The return of an old friend

Not long after moving to Barwick, 15 odd years ago, we discovered we had a tit visiting the garden that we hadn’t seen before. After many months of watching and photographing and with a little help from visitors to this blog, we finally decided on it’s identity – a Marsh tit.
The simplicity and subtlety of it’s markings, along it’s association with moving here had long made it a special bird for us, so when we noticed no Marsh tits had visited the garden during after last winter we feared the worst – a limited local population that had succumbed to the bad weather, now lost to our garden. It was a special moment therefore when, over a quick cuppa before heading out to start the working week, we spotted the characteristic cap and buff bib flit onto our honeysuckle and visit the feeders – a marsh tit had returned to the garden after a long absence. The photo below is one I took in February 2010, but hopefully I will be back to photographing it regularly if this new visitor decides to set up home in our little patch of the Rib Valley.
Welcome back old friend.


  1. Sounds like tempting fare, what with honeysuckle and feeders. Hope your new visitor becomes a regular.

  2. The Marsh tit was seen again this morning, so hopefully not passing through but staying awhile.

    Love your elephant shots by the way. When I look at your photos I'm reminded of the wonderful light you have and of watching an ostrich pick it's way across a beach near Cape Point. Wonderful memories of my short stay in your part of the world

  3. Mark,
    I love your work!
    I am also a wildlife artist, you might find my work inspirational. Check it out.

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