The perigree moon

The clearest and crispest of evenings gave a spectacular view of the biggest and brightest full moon that will be seen in 2010. This was due to the coincidence of the full moon cycle and the moon’s close proximity to the earth due to its elliptical orbit, resulting in it being 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual full moons according to some reports. The term for the two extremes in this orbit are perigree (nearby) and apogee (far away)
To add to the spectacle, Mars sat brightly directly to the left in the eastern sky, itself brighter than all the other stars on display at this time of year.


  1. It's so beautiful, to realise that there are at least a few things that look (almost) the same everywhere on earth… to realise that people all over the earth have been looking at the same beautiful moon last night.

    I posted a picture almost identical to years last night, and people on the other side of the ocean saw that moon too. Thrilling…

  2. Thanks for commenting Anne. It is indeed, and I guess has been so for millenia. We are so lucky now to be able to share our thoughts and pictures instantly with so many and to understand we have so much in common.

    By the way I prefer your picture. I love the way you can see about 5 degrees of difference in our two shots. For those that haven't seen it, see Anne's blogpost on the Wolfmoon here…

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