The Greylag Gosling Gang

This little gang of Greylag goslings paraded in front of the White Hide at Great Amwell last Saturday afternoon, closely attended by their doting parents. 
Other greylags and boisterous canadas kept them moving through the shallows.

Eventually, a bit of peace and a rest under a protective wing.

It was an unusual afternoon at Great Amwell. The light changed by the second, the weather playing dramatically with the colour and contrast of the vista before us. Towering prussian blue clouds sat to the south, sending stinging wet hail down onto the Lea Valley. Their deep colour reflected into the open waters in front of us, turning it to ink.

By contrast, bleached sunlight streamed low from the west throwing spotlights onto the feeding birds around the lake and picking out the lime green of the heronry against the dark skies behind. Tricks of light and weather rarely combine to produce such vivid colours and the spectacle is all the more memorable because of it.

On the island a pair of oystercatchers incurred the wrath of a nesting canada goose whilst three redshanks, legs and beak glowing flourescent as they paddled the margins with a little ringed plover close by.
A young muntjac, jumping through the vegetation

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