In the beginning

It was ten years ago to the day that The Badger’s Eye first made an appearance on the internet, triggered by an encounter with a young badger and the photograph that I managed to take. Sitting in the dappled light of a July evening, downwind of a badger sett no…


Sounds of the fens

A playlist of recordings made at Lakenheath over previous springs and as an appetiser to the sounds to be heard on our precious wetlands across the country for the next few weeks – if you can get up early enough!

And then the hobbies came

There is no getting away from it. If you want to be up before the birds in the spring, there is no getting up at all. For my particular body clock, the best strategy is to stay up through the night and do your best to catch up on sleep…


Bitterns in flight

Lakenheath Reserve is one of our favourite places and on a visit back in June it was again the venue for a wonderful wildlife encounter. Leaving the car-park shortly before dawn, we made our way out at a steady pace through reed-beds alive to the sound of sedge and reed…


New reserves and lots of birds

Sunshine drew me to East Anglia yesterday with the prospect of some good birdwatching at two reserves that I’d not visited before.I arrived first at RSPB Lakenheath Fen just after lunch and the visitor centre was abuzz with talk of overflying Cranes and a Red-footed falcon about the reserve. I…