The morning preen

Black headed Gulls (1st winter and adult) preen in the morning sun

On wasteland near my office a large expanse of concrete pools rain-water into a large ‘luddle’ (somewhere between a lake and a puddle) and when not in use as a car park, Herring and Black-headed Gulls congregate in the centre. My car provided a rather effective hide as I watched these two black-headed gulls preen in the low winter light. Both the adult and juvenile have black tips to their bill but the younger bird has buff-orange legs and upper bill, compared to the adult’s deeper red.

Deer Take Two

After failing miserably at getting any good deer shots in Ashridge I had given up hope for another year of watching the deer rut in full action. However, with the end of the rut coming ever closer I got a tip off about some deer in Kent. Straight away I…


Home sweet home

I decided to stay at home today to get the pond cleared up and remove some invasive flag irises that were taking over.The recent heat wave has cooled down a bit making work much easier. So I attacked the irises early on but was abruptly stopped by the sound of…