Sounds: RSPB Fowlmere – the last light of the day

To sit alone in a hide
above the pink-blue water
of RSPB Fowlmere’s open expanse
of water and reed beds
as the last light of the day seeps from the sky
forces all your senses to the fore.
Irises expand to absorb all possible photons
as ears drink in each click and chirp
quack and scrape
drip and splash
that punctuates the peaceful scene.
It is not though until you listen back to a sound recording of the experience
visual stimulus suppressed
audio enhanced 
that the true depth
of the ambient sound
underpinning our daily lives
even in our most peaceful
solitary moments
can truly be experienced.
This is one such recording.

 Aircraft approaching Stansted
and cars heading home
on the A10 to the north-east
send a background hum
through the recording.
Water droplets drip
from the bird hide roof
falling onto wet reeds below.
Mallards call from the water
a Mute Swan glides into view
honks and climbs from the water
Waterfowl and smaller birds call from the reeds
whilst a farmer rattles a gate as he checks
on his grazing cattle.
Trains depart from Shepreth station
heading south to the metropolis
or north to Cambridge
capital of the southern fens.
As the light continues to depart
a flock of corvids
hoves into view
calling as they head for their roost
on the other side of the reserve.

Whether human or bird
heading home to roost
seemed to be the theme.

So I did.

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