Snow, snow and more snow

So, the cold weather and snow continues. For a part of the country used to a couple of days snow a year at most, the novelty of snow causes havoc and provides a bit of winter fun in equal measure. The schools are closed, road grit is in short supply and the working population either takes time off, works from home or struggles to make it in. High pressure, usually positioned further north is sitting over the country and looks set to remain so for the next week or so, if the weather forecasts are to be believed. Our little village, positioned in a valley at the end of a mile long lane remains snowbound, it’s road tricky to traverse in anything other than a 4×4. The selection of pictures below record the local landscape and a little of the wildlife that are struggling through and enduring temperatures and conditions not seen in a long time.
We are keeping the bird feeders full and our new visitor, the grey wagtail, remains a regular visitor.
A hill near Standon Lordship provides the best local sledging venue. Luge-style seems the best technique

Close by, a kingfisher searches for fish in the icy River Rib

A flock of Fieldfares worked the fields around Barwick, searching for food and shelter as the falling snow continued
Tonight, the sun broke through, setting the horizon trees on fire with its brilliant rays
As the wind increased and the snow whipped up across the open fields, two hares hunkered down against the stinging cold
The pure white snow appeared anything but as the sun set on another day in frozen Hertfordshire as temperatures plummeted towards double figures below freezing for another long night.

Do what you can for the wildlife during this difficult period – keep your bird feeders full and put out fresh water when you can.


  1. wonderful pictures, hope the warm front comes soon for y'all.


  2. Many thanks Dan. I think we have at least another week to go!

  3. Tough times now and possibly for some weeks Mark evidenced by the unusual visitors to all our gardens.

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