Signposts #3: The London Sound Survey – THAMES

I first came across The London Sound Survey when exploring the backwaters of, the wonderful babbling brook of nature inspired ‘antidotes to indifference’ that I have been visiting now for over a decade. Produced as a labour of love by Ian Rawes, the London Sound Survey documents the sounds of the UK’s capital city in a series of beautifully designed interactive maps and historical archives that bring streets, parks and myriad other locations and street characters to life.

Ian very kindly travelled out to speak at our regional WSRS meeting at College Lake in Tring a couple of summers back and was joined by one of his collaborators on the project, the late Richard Beard, who had travelled from the Isle of Wight to join us and who contributed many of the nature recordings including The Hackney Year to the LSS.

It was exciting to hear this week that Ian is releasing an album of field recordings under The London Sound Survey entitled THAMES as part of the launch of Persistence of Sound, a new independent record label focused on musique concrete, field recordings and the interplay between these disciplines, on 20th May. I look forward to listening.

Vinyl copies, including digital downloads are available to pre-order here.



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