RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2013 & a garden first

Our bird list submitted to RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch was from an hour’s viewing on Saturday 26th. It was a cold morning with some snow still on the ground.
8 Long-tailed tit
7 Blue tit
5 Blackbird
3 Great tit
2 Greater Spotted Woodpecker
2 Coal tit
2 House Sparrow
2 Chaffinch
Song Thrush
Collared Dove
Wood Pigeon

If I had been recording the same hour today, I would have been able to report a garden first – for the first time I have seen a Red Kite from the kitchen window, which was a terrific thrill. They are such a well named bird. They seem to hang in the air, twitching slightly in response to subtle changes in wind direction and force, their V-fanned tails spread in characteristic fashion.

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