Rooftop Partridge

Sitting in the garden this evening around 9pm, contemplating the demise of english football as the sun hung low in the west and sent it’s golden rays down the valley, a partridge landed on my chimney stack. It took a second look to be sure it was and not a wood pigeon, but sure enough, when I put my lens on it a red-legged partridge came into focus.

Now, I don’t know if this is a regular roost or a one-off, but I popped out later when the light had gone from the day and it was still there. Just hope it doesn’t get a surprise in the night from one of the local tawny owls.


  1. I once at a partridge on my car bonnet, they get everywhere! Wonderful photos & description! 🙂

  2. How very cool – I'm afraid I associate partridges with pear trees – they're almost mythic in my imagination. I certainly don't think of them as sitting about on cars and roofs!

  3. And the chimney is rather delightful, too.

  4. Well, who would have thought it – the partridge is back again tonight!

    Re: the chimney, I'd like to say it is contemporary with the cottage (19th Century) but I suspect it is a more recent addition

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