Roesel’s Bush Cricket – Metrioptera roeselii

It’s quite muggy in Barwick today, though none of the threatened heavy showers have hit us yet. From the look of this shot though I think Standon and Buntingford have received a soaking!

In the strip of set aside land surrounding the crop a constant high frequency chirping could be heard and a bit gentle creeping around discovered the culprit. The wonderful tool that is the internet has helped me identify it as a Roesel’s Bush Cricket Metrioptera roeselii which seems to be a species that is extending its range in recent times. The UK population is predominantly located in the South East of England with another population in West Wales/Pembrokeshire. They are also found in the Low Countries, parts of France, Germany and across Switzerland and Austria.

The long grass seemed to be teeming with them. A first for me and a pleasure to identify. Off in the morning for a three day paddle down the Thames in a 21st Century tribute to Jerome K Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat. A blog telling the story will appear next weekend.

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