No luck in Bramfield

Bramfield is a pretty place, situated 3 miles as the crow or jackdaw flies in a northwesterly direction from the county town of Hertford. Like many of our local villages, it’s origins begin deep in history and pre-date Norman Domesday records. At it’s centre is St Andrew’s Church, extensively renovated by the Victorians though in earlier times a young Thomas à Becket served as priest, his name given to the village pond – Becket’s pond.

The motivation for my visit was more ornithological than historical, pursuing as I was the rather rare and for me, enigmatic Hawfinch. This was my second visit looking for them and again I was to be disappointed though I spent a wonderful hour with my camera, exploring the churchyard, snow covered fields and footpaths with calling jackdaws and the hedgerow birds for company as a low winter sun sent long shadows but little warmth across the land.

This wren (troglodytes troglodytes) was living up to it’s latin name, emerging from a hole
between the roots of this yew tree

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