mole fatale

One of our neighbours was a away recently. We popped up each evening to feed their cat and occasionally had a quick mooch around the garden to make sure all was well. A couple of evenings ago we discovered that all in fact wasn’t well for an unfortunate mole who had blundered into the garden pond. It had been unable to escape from it’s unplanned dip and was to burrow no more in search of earthworms.
Two things were confirmed by this unfortunate circumstance; it can be critical for wildlife to ensure garden ponds have an escape route for those animals that manage to stumble into the water and that nature never wastes anything. Close inspection of the mole corpse revealed the pond’s tadpoles tucking in on the unexpected bonanza.

We should therefore expect a sizeable number of amphibians to leave the pond in a few weeks time, their development fuelled by the unfortunate mole, an animal very rarely seen. 
Especially in water. 

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