LTT – a beautiful acronym

Our bird feeders and their almost continual stream of visitors provide constant entertainment throughout the year. Combined with the kitchen radio they make the chore of washing the dishes slightly more bearable as you look out on the activities of our feathered regulars. There are some birds that visit however that always draw the eye and on some occasions, a rush to the kitchen window to get a good view. The Sparrowhawk making a pass, or the Greater Spotted Woodpecker feeding nervously on the peanuts fall into this category, as do the delicate and often gregarious Long Tailed Tits. With their graceful long tails and sharp features, LTTs, as they are always referred to in our family visit the garden reasonably often and at all times of the year. I also see them in the summer in the woods, catching tiny flies in the shafts of sunlight that pierce the woodland canopy, when they provide beautiful distraction while I wait for deer or badgers.
This one was a nice surprise when I came home from work last night, especially as it stayed long enough for me to grab a picture. On the day that it was reported that LOL had made it into the Oxford English Dictionary, I make my own contribution to the lexicon of acronyms with the LTT, a bird that is far from being an LBJ!

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