It’s been emotional

After two weeks of hosting the greatest show on earth, London can take a pause and a breath before the five ringed circus starts up again with the arrival of the paralympic games at the end of the month.
The sport has been phenomenal with the heights of human achievement further extended and our capital has never looked better in it’s costumes of ‘ring bling’, but it seems that it is the people that have really made these games special, whether it be the crowds of spectators in the sold out venues or 20 deep on the London streets or the legions of volunteer games makers bedecked in their purple shirts and ready smiles.
A day hasn’t passed without a tear being shed as stories of endeavour and sacrifice, mixed with high end sporting competition and a dose of patriotism, have moistened even the most dispassionate of faces.
Let us hope that post-olympic blues can be quickly dissipated and that London retains the friendliness, camaraderie and warm spirit that have characterised its streets over recent days and weeks.
And, with the exemplary but distractingly absorbing, multi-channel, wall to wall coverage coming to a close, normal blogging services from the Badgers Eye will now be resumed.

Roll on Rio.


  1. love reading your bloggs! xT

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