Grey wagtails at the Ford

Male Grey Wagtail Motacilla cinerea
A pair of grey wagtails annually take up residence at Barwick Ford and this year has been no exception. In previous seasons, nests have been attempted unsuccessfully on the footbridge, but this year the nest location is well hidden and away from the bridge. Last week the parents were  making the most of the glut of mayfly rising from the Rib. Thousands rise each year and fill surrounding lanes in the evening sunlight with their yo-yo motion. Research so far suggests the particular mayfly populating the Rib on this stretch is Ephemera Danica, though Vulgaris remains a possibility – I’ll update when I have a definitive ID.
Ephemera Danica (I think!)
The Grey Wagtail female heads off to the nest
A Mandarin Duck – a resident at the Ford this year -surveys the scene

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