Grey Wagtail at the ford

The yellow rump of this Grey Wagtail caught the eye at the ford this evening as it flicked and bobbed in the shallows in the fading light of the day. Spring yellow doesn’t yet extend to the daffodils in our lane, though the cowslips have opened under the apple tree and looked glorious in the sunshine that burst through today.


  1. Not sure what's going through the ether, or whether previous comments went! I've had a lovely browse through your latest posts, love the barn and short-eared owl shots, and this beautiful wagtail reflection šŸ™‚ Our Cape wagtails are as endearing with the same dipping and bobbing of the tails….. jaunty little fellas! Hope spring muscles her way in soon, sounds like nature is poised and waiting…

  2. Thanks for dropping by and for the photographic compliments from one so gifted.
    I'm certainly spring is about to spring. Buds are sticky, the first 'weeds' are taking their moment in the sun and the birds are starting to arrive.
    Can't wait for an opportunity to get down to the Cape again. I have such wonderfully evocative memories of the short time I spent there, the breathtaking beauty of the place and of the kindness of the people.

    Sorry if I deleted a comment of yours. Spam seemed to be building on the Wader Spectacular page – suggestions that swimming pool covers (with links!) was just the thing the Wash needed, so I deleted them. Your comment might have been caught in the cross fire šŸ™‚

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