Fledglings and Flyers

The Great Tit and Blue Tit fledglings have spenr a lot of their time around the feeding station this week, regularly joined by a flock of Goldfinches that approaches double figures, a Nuthatch family and some Greater Spotted Woodpeckers.

With the England v USA World Cup to look forward to in the evening I had a peaceful afternoon in the hide on the patio, seeing what shots of the visitors I could get. The nuthatches failed to appear on my watch and there was only one brief visit from a woodpecker, but the rest put on a good show.
First the fledglings, who are showing greater confidence and are starting to feed themselves though still beg mercilessly from their parents and have on occasion crashed into the kitchen window, so far without permanent damage to them or the window.

a fledgling Great Tit demanding to be fed

a charming chaffinch

Young Blue tits – are they from our box?
And now the flyers. Patience, concentration, good light, multiple exposures (I won’t tell you how many pictures I took through the afternoon!) and a quick trigger finger are all prerequisites to capturing something half-decent. Time and luck is required for something special and I’m not there yet.
Great Tit




  1. What a lot of babies! I always worry about fledglings – they are so vulnerable with their limited flying skills, poor judgment and inexperience. And so demanding, too, as your first photograph captures so well!

  2. Hi Mark
    Great photos!
    I am currently preparing the defense of my PhD thesis on song learning in great tits and pied flycatchers. Would you allow me to use your photo of the flying great tit in my presentation? Of course you will be acknowledged!

  3. Thanks Ane,

    I'd be very flattered if you used my photo. Good luck with the thesis.



  4. Great! Thanks a lot!!


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