False Start

Sooooo…. After yesterday I said I wouldn’t go on any more weekday (possibly weekend) photography trips until my exams were over.

With 2 essays down this morning and not having a lesson till 2pm I was struggling along and needed a break. Stupidly checking on the internet I saw a report of a Black Redstart on my local patch.

After checking with the sister that she didn’t need use of the car till after 3 I shot off to Willows Farm where the Redstart was hanging about.

On arrival I headed down to where it was last seen and me and 2 other birders spotted it after about 10 minutes. It was pretty distant and with the infampous reputation of some wildlife photographers I didn’t want to go charging in for some full frame shots so kept my distance.

After a while of getting reasonable views the other birders said they had had good views and gave me permission to get as close as I wanted.

So without hesitation I approached it cautiously firing off shots as I went. Amazingly it was extremely tolerant still going about it’s business even flying towards me too feed.

A great little bird and the first one I’ve seen in Hertfordshire and only my second one ever. I left it feeding on the fenceposts either side of the river and headed off to school.


  1. Gorgeous photos – and sounds like a welcome relief from studying. What a lovely way to spend your break.

  2. Thanks, it was a good break, now i'll try to keep on track with schoolwork….

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