A night in Plashes Wood

The full moon was heading towards the west yet still bathing the valley with it’s silvery light from a cloudless sky as I crept passed the last houses in our hamlet and headed north. Trying to avoid the crunching gravel that accumulates in the centre of the lane, I walked…


Sounds of the fens

A playlist of recordings made at Lakenheath over previous springs and as an appetiser to the sounds to be heard on our precious wetlands across the country for the next few weeks – if you can get up early enough!

Wire fence

A piece created from sound recordings from a farm in Mill End near Buntingford, Hertfordshire made over the last two weekends.

With thanks to Annabel and David.

Vall Raven

We first heard rumours that ravens had arrived in the locality last winter and sightings through the spring and summer confirmed a resident presence. As summer started to turn to Autumn a few weeks ago the calls of ravens in the air began to become a regular occurrence around the…


Fallow buck roar

We had been watching badgers emerging from their sett and flocks of corvids swirling across the tree tops as they came into roost at dusk to an island of woods on the South Cambridgeshire plain. Darkness finally falling we walked back along the footpath listening to a calling Barn Owl …


Our e-shop is open!

We are pleased to be able to launch our new shop with a number of limited edition prints. Taking an avian theme and including images of an Avocet, Ringed Plover and an Eurasian Eagle Owl, each print is hand-printed, signed and numbered and is delivered in a card mount. You…