BTO Bird Atlas of Great Britain & Ireland 2007-11

“The most important British and Irish bird book for two decades”
Andy Clements, BTO Director
“Nowhere else on earth is as well known in terms of bird distribution and populations thanks to the astonishing effort of accomplished volunteers and the BTO”. 

Chris Packham, BTO Vice-President

“Buy it! Read it! And think about what it shows of the ornithological reality of the UK and Ireland”.

Mark Avery, Nature Conservationist

Big claims but it’s a big book, full to bursting with observation based science, stunning photographs and detail driven diagrams that unpick the story of the current state of the bird-life of the British Isles.

So what was the purpose of the gargantuan effort of collating sightings from over 40,000 (myself amongst them) who have submitted records over the last four years?

The BTO intends using the data gathered in this ground-breaking project to undertake a wide range of research on patterns and processes of change in bird distribution and abundance in Britain over the last 40 years. Through this research, insights into those processes of change will inform the strategy and practicalities of bird and environmental conservation going forward, ensuring fact based decisions with the best prospect of success.

If you are looking for a present for someone interested in British birds you are onto a real winner with this publication, aside from supporting the critical work of the BTO.

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