Blink and you miss it….


The Women’s Cycling Tour of Britain has been rolling through the leafy lanes Hertfordshire over the few days and almost made it to our front door. On Saturday morning the procession came the closest as it wound a path from Cold Christmas to Much Hadham and we popped along to watch.
The day-glo relay began passing us a good 10 minutes before the cyclists arrived. Police outriders stopped and started, stopped and started, stopped and started, 20 or so strong, each a minute or two before the next. Then came the cars with the mechanics and race managers, the officials and more security, then finally the cyclists, clad in technicolour lycra, all tightly bunched as the miles ticked by.
Within a flash they were gone, streaming east to Much Hadham and out on a great loop that took them out to the borders with Cambridgeshire. The circus had passed and those that had come to watch, returned to a peaceful June morning.



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