Barn Owl!

I captured these pictures returning from an afternoon walk through the woods. This was a special event for me as these are the first pictures I’ve managed to capture of a barn owl in Barwick. They’re not fantastic pictures and I hope to capture better, but I’m thrilled!


  1. WOW!! Mark, these are good, don't know why you think they're not. xTrace

  2. I can readily imagine your excitement!
    I always feel thrilled when I encounter an owl, even without being able to take pictures.

  3. These are excellent
    Wish I'd taken them !

  4. Thanks Eth, Anne and Trace for your comments. I was pretty excited. Went back on Sunday to try and get the million dollar shot and just at the critical time a dog and its owner came stomping across the field!! Grrrrr! Oh well, there is always next week.

  5. Don't slight yourself…the fact that you captured those pictures of the barn owl at all, is amazing…wonderful job. I was checking out some of your other posts…you have some beautiful birds in the UK…I haven't ever seen a Great Tit before. And…what a clever way to get close feather shots…with the camo ladder. I'm gonna give it a go. thanks for sharing

  6. Dar, thanks for visiting! You're comments are very sweet. In Europe we have some lovely birds, as you do stateside. What is commonplace for one is exotic to another. We are so lucky that we have the tools to share each other's sights and thoughts. Hope the ladder and camo works for you. My only tip is to pick a reasonably warm day 🙂

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