The morning preen

Black headed Gulls (1st winter and adult) preen in the morning sun

On wasteland near my office a large expanse of concrete pools rain-water into a large ‘luddle’ (somewhere between a lake and a puddle) and when not in use as a car park, Herring and Black-headed Gulls congregate in the centre. My car provided a rather effective hide as I watched these two black-headed gulls preen in the low winter light. Both the adult and juvenile have black tips to their bill but the younger bird has buff-orange legs and upper bill, compared to the adult’s deeper red.

…and the lapwings danced in the sun

Saturday morning at Amwell was a delight – bright sunshine and a cloudless sky after a cold night made for a crystal clear day – a perfect opportunity to see what birds were in residence. A snipe warmed itself in the shallows whilst further out the lake was full of…


A right hornet’s nest

There are new residents on the path to White Hide at Great Amwell. More usually the home to resting families of Canada Geese on the bank of the stream, I discovered this weekend that a larger colony had set up home in the decaying trunk of an old tree.A sign…


Spoonbills at Titchwell

As an hors d’oeuvre to a three night stay in Wells-next-the-Sea last week, we dropped into RSPB Titchwell on a warm but blustery Norfolk afternoon. Parking in the Car Park we walked down through the trees to the visitor centre, deciding first to take a look at the newly opened…


The Greylag Gosling Gang

This little gang of Greylag goslings paraded in front of the White Hide at Great Amwell last Saturday afternoon, closely attended by their doting parents.  Other greylags and boisterous canadas kept them moving through the shallows. Eventually, a bit of peace and a rest under a protective wing. It was…


Wood Anemone

Woodland flowers are a treat of spring, taking their moment in the sun when the tree canopies above are naked to flower, bringing colour to the woodland floor. Later in May Bluebells will take their turn, but for now it is the primrose and the delicate Wood Anemone that take…