In the beginning

It was ten years ago to the day that The Badger’s Eye first made an appearance on the internet, triggered by an encounter with a young badger and the photograph that I managed to take. Sitting in the dappled light of a July evening, downwind of a badger sett no…


Marbled White & Bandied Blue

Time on the riverbank is always a pleasure and on an evening stroll through the meadows and paths that follow the River Rib last evening we were accompanied by clouds of butterflies – Marbled White, Meadow Brown, Ringlets and the occasional Cinnabar Moth to add a flash of red to…


An evening visitor

It is last light on Monday evening and we are sitting in the garden drinking a cup of coffee. A faint snuffling catches the ear coming from below the bird feeders. It’s no surprise to find it is a hedgehog and I guess it is not beyond the bounds of…


A night in Plashes Wood

The full moon was heading towards the west yet still bathing the valley with it’s silvery light from a cloudless sky as I crept passed the last houses in our hamlet and headed north. Trying to avoid the crunching gravel that accumulates in the centre of the lane, I walked…


Sounds of the fens

A playlist of recordings made at Lakenheath over previous springs and as an appetiser to the sounds to be heard on our precious wetlands across the country for the next few weeks – if you can get up early enough!