Another soggy weekend and an astronomical highlight

Another weekend and another football match postponed. Not due to the weather this time but because the opposition could only muster 5 players! A weekend spring cleaning the garden then, with a short walk thrown in that allowed me to document what happens to our river after a period of heavy rain.
Compare and contrast these two images taken a week apart of the tributary that passes across the front of our house and down to feed the River Rib……

The ford was also well up. Not quite enough to flood the road leading to it, but enough for the crossing to be impassable to traffic. In the past some have tried, most notable being a £100,000 Aston Martin which ended up wedged under the bridge but there were no casualties this weekend.

Further afield, Moorhens patrolled the sodden river banks whilst in the woodland behind the decaying carcass of another winter victim slowly returned to the earth.

Balancing this up, back at home I caught sight of a Muntjac and her fawn through the trees opposite the house. We have seen them together for a few weeks now and at first the youngster seemed impossibly small but now it has gained good weight and size despite being born in such a harsh winter. In a tree opposite our house a pheasant has taken up evening roosting residence for the last couple of nights and this has allowed me to capture a nice close-up of his feather patterning.

My personal highlight of the last week or so came on Monday night however, when a late night tweet post had me scurrying around for birding scope and tripod. No picture to share but I was thrilled to be able to just about pick out the rings around Saturn as it sat close to the almost full moon in a clear sky. The shivers caused by the dropping temperature were well worth the thrill of seeing the planet with, in astronomical terms, the paltry equipment I was using and rivalled the special night camping on the north Cornwall coast one August night when I picked out Jupiter and several of its moons. It was a bit warmer then too!

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  1. Lovely to get your comment on the blog Mark thank you! In rural Lincs where I live there are still small side roads with fords. I love them, they seem such a relic of an older time .. wonderful, except if you live the wrong side of them.
    Your barn owl shots just made me feel so nostalgic for the UK. Hope to be back to blogging this weekend..

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