And then there were two….

Our local wintering Barn Owl was out at it’s usual time in the quiet weather and clear skies of yesterday afternoon and put on a fine show of it’s hunting technique in the fallow meadow. After quartering for a few minutes alone, it was joined by a second bird that flew past at close quarters, wings almost glowing in the low sun. The pair flew a ghostly ballet above the field in colours simplified by the growing twilight before melting into the shadows. One can only hope that this spring season they continue to hunt so close to us and we can keep up this regular watching.
Another predator was on the garden fence this morning, looking for a meal from the bird feeders.
Even through the honeysuckle twigs, the icy stare of this magnificent sparrowhawk says dangerous carnivore and the local tits made themselves scarce until their tormentor departed.

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