An Anniversary Walk

A walk around the plantation on a Friday night is a perfect way to let go of the stresses of the week. At the height of summer the grass is long around the field edges and as I discovered last year, with a bit of quiet approach work and the wind in the right direction you can get pretty close to the local wildlife.
Tonight I crossed the ditch and quietly moved around the set aside pasture that provides a winter feeding ground for our local Barn Owl, before passing on and through a break in the hedge. Immediately I became a statue – feeding a few yards away was a leveret, totally preoccupied in its victuals.

Inch by inch I moved up the gentle slope that borders the woods, taking pictures and remembering previous stalks and stake-outs that I had made here over the last year. Is it really a year ago that I first crept close to that gorgeous leveret – have twelve months really passed since that young badger filled my frame as I lent against a tree in the dappled light of the woods? Tonight those same species thrilled me with their appearance. As I watched a couple more hares, an adult badger made the short dash across open ground to the cover of the rapeseed, shortly followed by a youngster then finally a third. They headed out across the field towards the sunset, rustling the drying seed-pods as they went.

 I’ve really enjoyed posting the stories, reading the lovely comments and making friends with those that drop in on The Badger’s Eye. Here’s to the second year and all the fun of discovering the wonders of the British countryside.


  1. Happy blog anniversary, Mark. Please keep it up. I love your posts and photos, and this is a particularly lovely one. Plus I learned a new word: leveret. And what a charm-boat of a leveret he (or she?) is! Here's to another wonderful year.

  2. what a lovely series of photos of the leveret, how wonderful to get that close to it!

  3. Thanks both of you. I sometimes think this blog should be called 'The Leveret's Eye' as these characters are the ones I guest closest too and see most often.
    He/She? Good question. I will look into how to tell the difference. Might be tricky, even this close up!

  4. I'm envious of your wildlife encounters, especially the badger. Would love to see and photograph one! That third shot of the leveret is a beauty.

  5. Stunning photos, because I can believe I was actually there!

  6. Debbie, Dawn, thanks both of you. I've struggled over the last week or so to get out, even though everything's so close to the house. Insects in the garden are providing a substitute, although this wind makes the close up photography tricky 🙂

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