The Badger’s Eye is the name of a wooded plantation close to our home in the Rib Valley in rural north-east Hertfordshire.
When I commenced writing this blog recording my observations and photographs of the natural world it seemed the perfect name and remains our banner in this latest incarnation.

Today, the website encompasses that same original blog, along with additional major sections on sound, art and specific projects we are involved with.

Artistic, environmental, wildlife related or scientific events, campaign stories or news about The Badgers Eye.
In the field
Field notes, blog posts, photographs and stories when they happen.
featuring natural / urban field recordings, soundscapes andwildlife species recordings from the UK and around the world.
highlighting the digital and relief lino prints and created by Mark Wilkinson.
A place for everything and everything in its place. Lots to find here…… citizen science, rediscovering glow-worms, archaeology, archive interviews….. all are given space to breathe in this more indepth section of the site .
A place to purchase featured products, soundscapes,  and limited edition and digital prints
Contact us
Get in touch, whether with a question or to join our newsletter and list of subscribers.


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