A subtle change in garden visitors

A subtle spring-time change has been seen at our feeders over the last couple of weeks as the green and yellow of early spring signals growth in the borders and hedgerows and birdsong fills the air. The birds are moving, searching out nesting sites and food sources for the next season. The usual visitors of robins, tits, blackbirds and dunnock have been joined by the finches, gold, green and chaffinch Over the last couple of days a pair of gorgeous Greater Spotted Woodpeckers have joined the throng, picking peanuts for several minutes. We have added a bird-table to our patio, positioned quite close to the kitchen window and tempting our visitors with tasty morsels that tip the risk/benefit balance in favour of sated hunger over fear. Hopefully more visitors over the summer will drop before my lens for some nice feeding close-ups.


  1. Great! I want see all birds in one place. that should be very lovely.

  2. 🙂
    It's amazing what you can attract with regular and varied food for the birds

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