A new winter visitor to the feeding station, a cold weather casualty and something for the spring

As we all know it is important to keep those bird feeders full, especially through the winter and really cold weather. If you are lucky, as well as your regular visitors you may get a few new ones too.
Over the last couple of days we have had a new bird come to our feeding station. We commonly see Grey Wagtails down by Barwick Ford in the summer months, but to have this female come to the garden and take sunflower hearts and mealworms is a first for us.

Earlier I had taken a walk through the fields around Barwick and aside from thinking I was going to get shot by the local farmer who was out pigeon shooting, I came across a casualty of the winter cold – the carcass of a muntjac deer.

On a more uplifting note, I checked out the meandering banks of the River Rib down by a stand of Willow and discovered a series of holes high up in the bank, which I’m hoping is the nesting site of Kingfishers. I shall be back in the Spring to stake out the site and see if I’m right.

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