A new arrival and some old favourites

I’ve been lousy at blogging (and keeping up on other people’s blogs) since Easter, largely due to the lighter evenings, the good weather, a rather important football match for my girls team (we drew 0-0 which was great) and preparations for a new business venture in the summer.
This weekend saw me out in the garden again, and the return of the improvised hide. On Sunday I managed a few nice shots which I thought I’d share with you. The first is of a new bird to my garden list – the Blackcap. I will confess here and now that despite the fact that it perched for the camera not 8 feet from my lens, it wasn’t until studying the pictures later that I realised it was a Blackcap and not the Marsh Tit that I thought it was!

Next, the Nuthatch, another of my favourites caught from beneath my step ladder and draped in a camouflage in a covering (I wonder if I should tell you these things. Perhaps it spoils the natual ‘romance’ of the pictures!)
Finally, Long Tailed Tits, comical acrobats of the hedgerow that seem to remain in good numbers, despite their diminutive size being a disadvantage through this last harsh winter. What I found interesting in these pictures is the yellow line around the eye, something I hadn’t seen in them until these pictures. I hope you like them.

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  1. Hi Mark, Sorry haven't stopped by in a while. Those long-tailed tits are, well, adorable! I like your nuthatch, too. Different from the one we have around here, which is also a lovely little bird. Enjoyed the image of you hiding under the camo-draped ladder. Hope the football goes well, too.

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