A good substitute for football

For almost 3/4 of the year my Saturday mornings are taken up by coaching and managing an U12s girls football team. They are a great bunch and exceptionally talented, having won the Cambridgeshire League and Cup double last season. However, due to the weather this winter we have up to now, managed only six league games since September with many postponements and our season looks set to run well into late spring. Unfortunately this morning’s sharp frost brought another postponement, but having risen early I made the most of the sunshine filled clear sky and went for a walk around the plantation.
Once into the woods had the pleasure (and shock!) of a Woodcock lifting from an invisible hiding place in front of me and skim away through the trees – all too quickly for the camera. The birds were in full song, tits and squirrels chasing each other amongst the branches, a trio of Long-tailed Tits tail-flicking at the woodland edge. I’m disappointed not to have been watching the girls play in St. Neots, but the walk and wildlife were a good substitute. Here’s the full walk tick list with a few pictures from the walk and from later on, back in the garden:
Great Tit
Blue Tit
Marsh Tit
Coal Tit
Wood Pigeon
Collared Dove
House Sparrow
Muntjac Deer
A Marsh Tit in the wild!

Blue Tit in full voice

What is purported to be a grinding stone from the old gunpowder factory

Tree Sparrow

Collared Dove


My portfolio of Marsh Tit images continues to grow


  1. Wow!! These photos are just stunning!

    I think its fantastic you and your girls can share the outdoors together!


  2. Such a wealth of wildlife you have. I'd love to see a European Goldfinch. Our goldfinches are lovely, too, but completely different.

  3. I have visited the US quite often on business over the years (East coast and SLC) but never long enough to do some proper birdwatching and get to grips with the species you have. So, transatlantic blog viewing is my best view of your birds. Pleased to be able to do the same in reverse!

  4. wonderful photos, lovely selection of birds too!

  5. Many thanks for visiting and leaving a comment Juliette. Glad you like the pictures.

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